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“Immediately upon Mariah’s arrival her presence was calming and reassuring to me … Throughout the entire 16 hours she was by my side. She intuitively knew what I needed during each stage of labor. I was able to fulfill my goal of no epidural and I know it would have not been possible had I not had Mariah’s support and calmness by my side through my pregnancy journey. Hiring Mariah is one of the best decisions Dave and I have made for the well being of our family so far!”
-Meghan, momma of baby girl (2018)


Match her effort.

Support her ambition.

Protect her heart.

Value her loyalty.

Uplift her spirit.

Love her unconditionally.

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Hi momma!

I’m Mariah- Lauren Daigle fan girl, rustic bread & brie addict, and lover of homemade things.

Here at Salt+Light, I’m a one-gal show, offering a doula support experience geared towards mommas whose hearts want to make room for God and receive His grace during pregnancy and birth.

And coming soon, a birth education class that will dive even deeper into God’s work in our lives during pregnancy and how we can connect with Him. I’m so glad you’re here visiting and I invite you to stick around and wander.

If you’d like to know more about me, read on here.


I want you too Dads.

You are important and you matter. You know her and love her better than anyone. You’ll have questions and concerns about various things that she may not be thinking about. We’ll work together to make sure you’re confident in your chosen role on birthing day. We’re going to make a great team, so lean on me.


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