my doula oath

  • First and foremost, to encourage and bring compassion to your ever growing relationship with God. However your little one came to be, know that God loves you and He meets you where you’re at in this very moment and at this stage of your life. Growing a tiny human comes with a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, all of which we can pray together about and lean on God for.

  • Second, to provide you with intellectual support. I base what I teach and share on evidence-based information and resources. It’s very important that as you continue on your birth journey, you are able to make informed choices based on the knowledge of alternatives that are best for you.

  • Third, physical support. Although you may experience uncomfortable sensations and also tiredness in labor and birth, I come equipped with a variety of comfort measures, pain relieving techniques, and relaxation methods that can help your body continue to do it’s hard work while it gets some natural TLC.

  • Fourth, emotional support. I aim to create a calm, safe environment where I can hold space for you. This allows you the ability to recognize any emotions and thoughts you may be experiencing, in turn giving me the opportunity to help you acknowledge and work through them. Creating this atmosphere is crucial when labor begins and baby is on his or her way.