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A multi-week Birth Education Class focused on understanding God’s presence in your birth.

Preparing the birth of mommas, dads, and families — not just babies.

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Birth Doula- $650

As a Christian doula, I aim to serve each momma with Jesus in my heart, bringing grace, compassion, knowledge, and encouragement to our shared space. I’ve shared below an outline of the concrete items included in my service.

  • We will schedule an initial meet-up to make sure we're a good fit for each other. No strings attached, but a good reason to have a warm drink.

  • After contract signing, we’ll schedule your two pre-natal sessions. Each are about two hours long.

  • Complimentary talk, text, and email during business hours begin when I receive your signed contract.

  • I am on-call for you starting 2 weeks before your guess date until after baby is born.

  • Unconditional 100% plugged-in labor support.

  • I assist with initial breastfeeding support.

  • I will come for one postpartum visit within a week after baby's birth to go over your birth experience, see how you and baby are, answer questions, etc.

  • I provide a back-up doula for every birth who will also be on-call for you.


Let’s get together yeah, yeah, yeah…

Here’s what you can expect. You’ll hear back from me 1-2 days after receiving your form. I’ll take a look and give you a call so we can chat about how I can best support you.

Then, we’ll pick a date to meet-up and you can choose your favorite coffee shop or place to get a tasty treat for us to chat at.

I’m excited to meet you!!

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